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PhoneBeagle is the perfect cell phone spying/monitoring tool for just about any Blackberry or Android phone. Prices starting at just $10 PhoneBeagle is the least expensive cell phone monitoring application there is. There are two parts to the PhoneBeagle spy application:

  • The monitoring application itself which gets placed on the Android or Blackberry phone you wish to monitor. Installation is as easy as downloading the from the internet using the phones web browser. Installation of PhoneBeagle spy is as fast is 3 minutes! This is the only time you have to get a hold of the target cell phone. Once installed the PhoneBeagle app works silently and in stealth 24/7. Any time the cell phone sends or receives a phone call, text message, email and more (see all of PhoneBeagles features) the PhoneBeagle app silently sends a copy of all this information to part 2 of PhoneBeagle spy...
  • Your PhoneBeagle members area. You log in to your members area ANYTIME YOU WISH, 24/7, to view all the spy details the PhoneBeagle spy app captures for you. In your members area you can also set controls such as enabling/disabling distracted driving mode as well as blocker certain phone numbers from communicating, in any way, with the mobile phone with PhoneBeagle installed!


PhoneBeagle Mobile Spy Features

PhoneBeagle has all the most requested spy features. Equally if not more impressive than the information PhoneBeagle will spy on for you is the PhoneBeagle spy members area which is literally the most...   more

PhoneBeagle Spy Compatible Mobile Phones

PhoneBeagle is compatible with ALL Blackberry and Android mobile devices. At the current time PhoneBeagle is not compatible with Iphone, Symbian, or Windows Mobile devices. Here is a list of example mobile devices...   more

PhoneBeagle for Tracking your Kids Cell Phone

Nowadays tracking your kids cell phones is a must. By tracking your kids cell phone you will be able to see everyone they communicate with, exactly what they are saying, and even be aware of your child or teens physical location...   more

PhoneBeagle stops Teenagers Texting while Driving

The second leading cause of deadly car accidents, second only to drunk driving, is texting while driving. When you were a kid or a teen would you have listened to anyone if they told you text while driving was dangerous? With PhoneBeagle becoming aware of your teens texting while driving is as easy as...   more

Use PhoneBeagle to Prevent Sexting

20% of teenagers say they have sent or posted nude pictures or video of themselves. Aside from the risk associate with this behavior being related to a crime most kids or teens are completely unaware of how things they post online can have a negative future impact to their reputation and even their...   more

How PhoneBeagle's used to Prevent Cyber Bullying

Is your child being tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child or teen using SMS? Is you child part of helping other children harass or bully classmates? In either case your child, out of embarrassment, will most likely hide this from you. PhoneBeagle spy...   more

PhoneBeagle to Catch Cheating Spouse Infidelity

Committing relationship infidelity today is so easy using the cell phone. The cheating spouse can silently transmit and receive text messages from their secret lover in the very next room. Once PhoneBeagle is installed on their mobile device you see everything your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend transmits...   more

Does PhoneBeagle work? Does PhoneBeagle work well?

A lot of people wonder if PhoneBeagle really works. A big part of this skepticism is that phone Beagle phone spy is so inexpensive and yet has so many spy features. For example phone beagles full suite of cell phone spying features is just $10 a month while most other phone spy programs cost three times that and more which leads people to believe phone Beagle must be a scam...   more

PhoneBeagle Review

See for yourself in this PhoneBeagle review just how PhoneBeagle spy stacks up and compares to other mobile spy and monitoring programs. PhoneBeagle is compared side by side by price, monitoring features, mobile device control, technical support and satisfaction guarantee. PhoneBeagle starts at just... more

PhoneBeagle Plans & Pricing

PhoneBeagle does not have a complicated pricing structure. For only $10 per month you can have all of PhoneBeagle mobile spy features. There are no additional fees or upgrades to get the best and ALL of PhoneBeagle...   more

PhoneBeagle Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about PhoneBeagle spy for mobile and cellular devices will most likely be answered here. If not you can contact Support and we will rapidly reply to your inquiry in less than 24 hours to answer your...   more

Order PhoneBeagle Spy

You can order PhoneBeagle here for just $10 or to find out even more about PhoneBeagle mobile spy for monitoring cell phones.

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